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Ichor Medical Systems was founded in 1994 for the purpose of developing its proprietary in vivo delivery system based on tissue electroporation. At the time Ichor was founded, little had been published on the subject of tissue electroporation. In 1987 and again in 1993, others had demonstrated a basic feasibility of the concept. While acknowledging the significance of their work, Ichor immediately recognized several deficiencies and rigorously set out to develop a technical concept for the effective electroporation of tissue utilizing penetrating electrode systems, which evolved to provide the basis for the TriGrid™ System.

Since that time, Ichor has filed and received several patents disclosing improved apparatus and enhanced methods of practice. The company's intellectual property portfolio is broadly based on both device and method for tissue electroporation utilizing penetrating electrodes.

Over the years, Ichor has demonstrated the benefit of electroporation therapy in the treatment of solid tumors and for intramuscular delivery of therapeutic genes with a wide range of potential therapeutic or prophylactic applications. Ichor has amassed world-leading experience in applying electroporation in many different disease models culminating in the development of the TriGrid™ System for clinical application.