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TriGrid™ Delivery System

Key Features of the TriGrid™ System

The TriGrid™ Array
The TriGrid™ electrode array system utilizes an array of penetrating electrodes configured in a pattern of interlocking triangles that are adapted to meet the needs of a given application.

The TriGrid™ electrode arrays for intramuscular and intradermal delivery consist of four electrodes arranged in two triangles to form a diamond shape around an integrated central injection needle. The array is configured so that the electric fields propagated by the array encompass the site of agent distribution. Integration of the means for agent delivery and the means for electric field propagation into a single device assures that induction of the electroporation effect occurs at the site of agent distribution and allows complete injection of the DNA drug and application of the electric pulses in a single step. In this manner, delivery of plasmid DNA is achieved in an effective and reproducible manner.

This patented system uses multiple simultaneously active electrodes to enhance electrical field uniformity at the site of application thereby improving efficiency and minimizing the risk of focal tissue damage observed with other electrode array configurations. In addition, the efficient manner in which the TriGrid™ System propagates the electric fields allows DNA drug delivery to be accomplished with a pulse sequence of minimal duration and total energy.

Integrated Device / Automated Procedure
Electroporation mediated delivery of DNA drugs is best achieved by establishing a controlled and reproducible relationship between the sites of injection and electric field application. A key feature of the proprietary TriGrid™ system is the integration of agent administration and electric field propagation functions into a single device. Each TriGrid™ Application Cartridge, therefore, holds two sources of revenue for Ichor and its partners, 1) the single use TriGrid™ Cartridge and 2) the DNA Drug.

This also allows complete injection of the DNA drug and application of the electric pulses in a single step with single button application. Once activated, the system applies the procedure using the optimal parameters for a given application as defined by Ichor's research studies. This ensures that every patient is administered the procedure in the most effective and reproducible fashion and minimizes the training required for operators to learn the procedure.

In addition, the design of the device allows for the eventual incorporation of pre-filled syringes containing the DNA drug or therapeutic agent. This clinical flexibility is paramount to the broad applicability of the TriGrid™ Delivery System in several therapeutic areas.

Consistent Delivery across Species
In vivo studies using Ichorís TriGrid™ technology have resulted in increased DNA drug delivery efficiency by up to 1,000-fold in animal models versus delivery of naked DNA alone. Moreover, preclinical and clinical data using TriGrid™ / DNA delivery indicate that TriGrid™ delivery efficiency is preserved as the scale of the species increases. In contrast, gene expression from the same dose of DNA administered to higher species without TriGrid™ decreases as body mass increases.

Ichor Advantages
In summary, the TriGrid™ Delivery System incorporates multiple patented innovations that differentiate it from other approaches and make it the leading system for delivery of DNA drugs. TriGrid™ Delivery System key advantages include:
  • The unique ability to deliver the DNA drug and co-localize it in the precise area where electric fields (TriGrid™ pulses) are applied.
  • Design features that enable every operator to achieve effective and reproducible results while ensuring the safety of the patient.
  • The ability to pair one device configuration with a variety of drugs to address a broad spectrum of therapeutic needs.
  • The absence of unwanted immunologic responses induced against DNA drugs delivered via TriGrid™ enables re-dosing, which is not practical with many other approaches.
Finally, in surveys of clinical trial participants, an overwhelming majority of volunteers found the procedure to be acceptable for preventing and treating even non life-threatening diseases (e.g. influenza). See Vasan, et. al. in PLoS One (2011) for additional details.

Procedure Application Video
Click here to see an animation of the procedure application.