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Ichor Medical Systems Prevails in Equitable Assignment Judgment

SAN DIEGO, June 12, 2003 - On the heels of its successful jury verdict in U.S. District Court in San Diego against Richard Walters et al., Ichor Medical Systems, Inc. announced today that it has prevailed in a follow-on equitable assignment judgment which awards Ichor with all of the intellectual property rights at issue in the suit.

"This sweeping judgment is a complete and total victory for Ichor - and we are delighted by the outcome," said Robert Bernard, CEO of Ichor Medical Systems. "The judgment is an entirely redemptive end to a 4.5-year battle, and I am thankful that the court made the right decision in this matter. I also thank our legal counsel, Cooley Godward and Tony Stiegler, for their outstanding representation."

Under a separately filed judgment, Ichor was awarded the entire right, title and interest to Letters Patent and patent rights based on the jury's May 9, 2003 verdict that the defendants misappropriated Ichor's trade secret. The judgment specifically assigns to Ichor the established patents and all related applications, including but not limited to patent applications, continuation in part applications, divisional applications and all other rights to the "invention."

Patents in this judgment are related to Ichor's highly successful drug and gene delivery electroporation technology used to treat all kinds of diseases including cancer. Ichor developed its patented technology in the field of electroporation. The field combines expertise in both cellular membrane structure and the generation of brief electrical fields to create complex wave forms, which temporarily open pores in cell membranes, through which therapeutic compounds or genes travel. This technology provides a broad platform to improve the delivery of genes and drugs for cancer and other diseases.

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About Ichor
Ichor Medical Systems, Inc. is a private company founded to develop clinical products based on the in vivo application of electroporation. Ichor technology utilizes the application of electrical fields to safely enhance the intracellular uptake of therapeutic agents within a targeted region of tissue. This technique is a physical means to temporarily overcome the impermeable nature of the cell membrane thus enabling a dramatic increase in the uptake of therapeutic agents by targeted cells. Once the cell membrane recovers from the electroporation, it resumes normal function. Thereafter, a therapeutic effect is realized from the activity of the agent transferred into the cell. Since it is a physical response to the application of electrical fields, the electroporation effect can be induced in virtually any type of tissue and has been demonstrated to potentiate the biological effect of a variety of therapeutic agents.

Ichor's research focus is the development of its platform electroporation technology for the targeted delivery of therapeutic agents including pharmaceutical compounds and nucleotide constructs. Ichor has developed methods and equipment suitable for laboratory and clinical investigation of electroporation as a means for delivering therapeutic agents. For additional information visit: