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Technology Overview

Ichor is dedicated to the clinical application and commercialization of electroporation-mediated DNA drug delivery. Ichorís proprietary TriGridô Delivery System uses electrical fields to increase DNA drug delivery efficiency by up to 1,000 fold as compared to conventional injection. While a number of approaches have been used for electroporation-mediated DNA drug delivery in pre-clinical models, clinical implementation has been hindered by the lack of a reliable and effective means for procedure administration. Ichorís TriGridô Delivery System platform integrates key patented design features into simple handheld clinical electroporation devices that enable safe, efficient, and reproducible DNA administration and delivery with minimal operator training.

Extensive preclinical studies of in vivo electroporation-mediated DNA drug delivery performed by Ichor and our partners have demonstrated that the technique can enable targeted uptake and expression of DNA plasmids encoding DNA vaccines as well as therapeutic genes. Clinical results generated using Ichorís electroporation technology have demonstrated that the procedure is safe and well-tolerated in humans. Importantly, the dramatic enhancement of immune responses compared to conventional injection, which has been extensively documented in animal models, was recently confirmed in a randomized, placebo controlled human clinical trial of an HIV DNA vaccine.