Nucleic acid therapeutics hold enormous promise in the prevention and treatment of numerous diseases. Despite heavy investment in this sector, development of new products has been hindered by the limitations of current delivery methods. A variety of new methodologies is being developed to address the challenge of safe and effective nucleic acid delivery. One of the most promising is electroporation. This potent, non-viral delivery method utilizes the propagation of electrical fields in tissue to increase cellular uptake of the nucleic acid. Although used extensively in the laboratory environment, applications of electroporation-medicated nucleic acid delivery in the clinical environment have been hampered by the absence of suitable administration methods and devices.

Ichor® TriGrid® Delivery System combines patented electroporation technologies to enhance nucleic acid delivery in vivo in a controlled, safe and reproducible manner. Extensive preclinical testing with the TriGrid® has demonstrated increased nucleic acid delivery of up to 1000-fold over convention injection with an excellent safety profile. Clinical testing using the TriGrid® for delivery has shown improved potency and breadth of response as well as preliminary indication of functional activity in diseased populations.